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Undiscovered Weekly: Anime and Manga

Fri Sep 26, 2014, 9:54 AM

Welcome to Undisvovered Weekly for Anime and Manga. Undiscovered Weekly is commited to spotlighing exceptional artists who have low page views, and/or few watchers, and have been a deviant for three years or less.


Found an undiscovered talent in Anime and Manga?
Feel free to note cinyu.

i n t e r v i e w e d
Maruuki | Pearlgraygallery | shihoran | ririna-olze


cinyu: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
Hello. <3
First I have to apologize because my english is very bad so please forgive me. "^ u ^)/
I am Maru, a shy 21 years old self tought artist from germany. ♥ I'm just a girl who fell in love with Anime and Manga.
My interests are in Drawing, cuddly toys, Mori and Lolita style and nature + animals.
I collect cute animal plush toys and I love beautiful dresses.
My favorite seasons are Autumn and winter~

cinyu: What software do you use for your art? How do you create your art?
I use Easy Paint Tool Sai to create my drawings, like sketching, lining and coloring.
After I'm done with these, I use Adobe Photoshop to edit light and colors and use a filter so that the colors match good together.
I don't use Traditional media very often, I just have a little sketchbook when I'm not at home. ^ w°)~

cinyu: What is the most difficult part when you make a drawing?
That's a wonderful question.
I have the big problem with anatomy and hands.

My anatomy isn't perfect and I have to fight with it every time I sketch my drawings. My sketches are always so messy and I edit them like 100 times. > A >)/

The same goes for hands. Mostly I use my hand to copy the anatomy but it fails every time. (/ u \)
A while ago I also had troubles with my style and coloring. I disliked what I drew and my coloring style! I'm glad that I'm over it. ^-^)♥
I got over it by stopping to color detailed and started to draw cell shading. Every time I create a new piece of art I colored more and more detailed until I liked it.
Currently, I try to focus more on shadow and light points instead of a detailed clothes shading.
That helped me a lot in the past♥

Feentraum der Nacht by MaruukiLet's Autumn by MaruukiThanks For 2 Years Deviantart 19/Dec by Maruuki

cinyu: What helps you impove the most?
Hmm, what helped me the most... That's a difficult question.

I wasn't taking art classes. I'm self tought. Sure, I looked over some tutorials and other art from professional artists but for me it isn't a big help because it doesn't help me really to create an original style.
And that is what I always wanted to have. /Currently, my art style isn't original at all, so I really failed at that point ; A ;)/
What really helped me was to go out of my comfort zone.
I always edit my brush settings so that I use different brushes in each drawings. I think it's pretty boring to use the same way to draw over and over.
Also you should never be scared to try other programs because when I feel like I don't improve I just used Adobe Photoshop to create something different.

cinyu: Who and what inspires you the most?
I have many artist who inspire me. There are so many great artists outside and inside devianART that I don't want to list everyone.
The most of my inspiration I get from music and nature. Just to look at forests, trees and seas give me so many ideas that I could create so many drawings.
Music is a big reason for me to create art. I can't draw without music.

Mostly I listen to hear rain sounds including songs it really calms me down.

Erntedankfest *speedpaint* by MaruukiButterfly Spring by MaruukiC: Misora by Maruuki


cinyu: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
I'm Pearlgray. You can call me Pearl. I'm a Thai Illustrator who love drawing and playing RPG games.
I'm not very good at English, but I want to talk to you all anyway :3

cinyu: What software do you use for your art? How do you create your art?
I usually use Easy Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop. First, I make a rough sketch in SAI sometime in paper. Then I draw line using Pen Tool and paint roughly to decide the light direction and color scheme. I don't pick many color, about 2-3 colors are enough. Next, I save my work as .jpg, open and place it beside your work area. Go back to the first window and close rough color layer. Then paint matte color and paint light by looking at .jpg as a guideline. I always use Water Color Tool in Fuzystatic mode because it's not too smooth like a simple brush. Next, create a multiply layer and paint warm gray as shadow. Finally, I go to Photoshop and create an overlay layer to adjust the atmosphere or add some textures.

For water-color work, I use Sekai 180 grams sketch book or Canson 300 grams paper and 12 colors Van Gogh watercolor. I often draw without sketch because if I use too much eraser, the paper will be scratched and it will be dirty textures when I paint the watercolor. After finish drawing the line by using pencil, I coat some areas with water to make diffusion effect such as, blush, knees, shoulder. The other part I paint dark color first then gradient by lighter color. After the watercolor is dry, I use color pencil to bold the drawing lines or add shadows.

cinyu: What is the most difficult part when you make a drawing?
I think sketch part is the most difficult because it's hard to begin and decide what composition of the work will be, which color should I use, and I'm tried of drawing anatomy :S

One day in town by PearlgraygalleryFairy by PearlgraygalleryClock by Pearlgraygallery

cinyu: What helps you impove the most?
I think the most effective to the improvement is experiences. So, practice make perfect. (But how can I be hard-working, I love playing games and sleeeeeeeep Zzzz)

cinyu: Who and what inspires you the most?
My works are inspired by daily life, a moment, or some feeling and video games that I play. I like Persona Serie's artwork, Odin sphere, Bravely Default.

Under the tree by PearlgraygalleryHands by PearlgraygalleryWaterfall by Pearlgraygallery


cinyu: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
Good day, my name is Shihoran! I enjoy conversations about philosophy, psychology and art.

cinyu: What software do you use for your art? How do you create your art?
I mainly use Easy Paint Tool SAI for all of my works! Some colour tweaking are done with a simple picture viewing program such as XnView.

To create an artwork I first sketch roughly out what kind of composition I have in mind, put the colours on a new layer underneath and draw out the lightning and colour mixing until satisfied and put them all on one layer to start painting.

cinyu: What is the most difficult part when you make a drawing?
The most difficult part would be... finding an appropriate playlist to go along with, actually. :la: I also tend to do do several other things when drawing, like watching yt videos, browsing tumblr or start another drawing from scratch. That said, staying focussed for a long time is good - Taking breaks is important.

winter sun by shihoranremember by shihoranto have faith by shihoran

cinyu: What helps you impove the most?
I think what helped me most with improving on my art is objectivity from what I am able to do and what I still want to do. I could take pride in what I have just drawn (and I sure am a proud person), but it doesn't mean it looks anything near good. To get over yourself and dig through endless lists of resourceful material can be tedious, but it sure is worth the results.

Another great feature objectivity holds is a certain distance to what other people might think about it. My greatest struggle has always been the wish to please the people around me and trying to follow a certain 'trend', but in the end I have never been that much inclined to draw any sort of fanart so I ended up doing.. nothing at all :lal:

So, keep thinking, keep drawing - until you are truly satisfied.

cinyu: Who and what inspires you the most?
I take conscious inspiration from landscape pictures and subconsciously from the music I listen to. If you want names, I'll list some of the artists here that make me think "Their art is so good it makes me cry."
Rubisu (dA), sevnilock (tumblr), 零@ブレ厨 (pixiv id=74184), andatsea(tumblr); HAYAKAWA Nojiko (mangaka), TOBOSO Yono (mangaka).. (and many more)

Thank you very much for taking your time with me!

Underwater Excursion by shihoranMerin Tohsaka by shihoran
Red Like.. by shihoran


cinyu: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
Hello! Nice to meet you my name is Rina, but you can call me whatever you want to!
I interest in games, Manga and Anime.

cinyu: What software do you use for your art? How do you create your art?
Now I use Clip Studio Paint, it useful to paint art and create comic.

cinyu: What is the most difficult part when you make a drawing?
For me it's background and character emotion.

Moonlight by ririna-olzeTo the light by ririna-olzeFeel the rainbow by ririna-olze

cinyu: What helps you impove the most?
Tutorials or step by step pictures from my favorite artist.

cinyu: Who and what inspires you the most?
Games for sure when I don't know what to draw next I close my computer and turn on my PSP.

I feel the wind by ririna-olze
Light of the moon by ririna-olzeI wish by ririna-olze

Information for this feature has been collected and presented by cinyu

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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day from #CR!

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 12:00 AM

lagoon by IIDanmrak
Ahoy Mateys! Welcome to International Talk Like a Pirate Day presented to you by communityrelations on deviantART!

You may see some pirates around the site today, so make sure to keep an eye out and consider taking part in being like a pirate! :evileye:

What is TLAPD?

Talk Like a Pirate Day (or TLAPD) is a day of fun times and lots of arrrs! TLAPD starrrrted in 1995 and has grown more and more since that that day in September! With events all over the world, many people join togetherrrrr and embrace their inner pirate! 
"Twas a pirate who sailed out o’ Bristol
Had a hook made o’ delicate crystal.
It would flash in the sun
And could fright anyone
But it cracked when he fired his pistol."
Events go on all over the place! Some places actually give out discounts to those that walk into restaurants or shops as pirates!
Like drinking? So do pirates! Many bars welcome pirates into their midsts today! 

How is communityrelations Enjoying TLAPD?

We have a number of different events going on throughout the day! We invite you to take part in one, or all of them! We'd love to have you on board!

We love Pirate Arrrrrrt!

Show us yours and comment below with some of your favorites! Be inspired by some of these awesome pieces here! Also be sure to check out today's Daily Deviations for some more pirate inspired work! 

Yo Ho Ho by screwbald   Once Upon A Time - Captain Hook by MelissaFindley   Pirate Of The Baltic Sea by Wieselblitz

Want to learn how to talk like a pirate? 

Well you can do so now! And don't forget, thar lads and lasses be more attracted to pirates, so use your words wisely! After all... C'mon, lad, shiver me timbers!


Skin by Dan Leveille
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