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This fortnight's media: PHOTOGRAPHY!

.:The Chase:. by RHCheng
X by Peterix ice and drops by prismes Intoxication by bliXX-a
 Twice as handsome by Jamie-MacArthur Thursday February 19 by benjoin Creamy Fruit by nicoam
Distillery face by ramirespl Olt river by greenxboy
Colour Red by XanaduPhotography Strawberry in Peril by Tako-Yakida
Until your breathing stops. by Heavensinyoureyes Red and Green... by my-shots
Treehoppers - Entylia carinata by ColinHuttonPhoto Follow the Purple road. by SheilaBrinson
urban mural III by VisitingFahrrad Broken by Wheels-Of-Joy
Sea Traveling by FrankGo Going up by rdalpes
untitled by Batsceba 326 by Schnitzelyne

Welcome to Fella's ArtFest!

Fella's ArtFest is a monthly contest in which the DeviantArt community can display its love and appreciation for art and all its forms.
Each month's ArtFest has a particular theme! To participate, create an original piece of art (all media are accepted) and submit it to DeviantArt as a deviation! From there, simply submit your deviation to fella's very own gallery into this month's ArtFest gallery folder.

:fella: Entries

The theme for February's ArtFest was to create an original deviation for a loved one or a friend.
The entries are below! :la:
Some people say that they fell in love HEAD OVER HEELS, but something like that has never happened to me.
For me falling in love with you was much more like watching snow fall:
There is this first wonderful moment of shock and joy when one realises, yeah, snow is falling, it’s starting to snow, there are these little wonderful snowflakes whirling through the air. Slow, smooth and softly more and more fall, nearly unnoticed ‘till they cover the ground. And for a while everything is just bright white and beautiful...
But snow tends to melt away with time, and so did my love. And like the beginning it is a slow process, nearly untraceable, but you still noticed it.
Everything started to get drippy and wet, and the beautiful white snow turned brown and muddy until there was nothing left of its former glory.
But still, everything blue and everything water and everything winter will always remind me of you.
Poetic Letter #1312-2-15
To the one who first gave a feather...
Thinking back I can’t recall when we met or how.
Was it I who commented first on something of yours
Or did you comment on something of mine
And start the chain of comments that led to friendship.
I had that happen once, with someone in Wales,
Who became so dear to my heart and my lobe –
As we spelled it forevermore – and so instrumental in my growth
Over the years I knew her.
For she faded from friendship when hardships became too hard to outpour upon a page.
I could not reach her through my works,
She could not reach out through hers,
And now I only occasionally see her on facebook to exchange a ‘hi, hi, hello, bye.’
And then I found you the same way, you in ‘Mericaland
With the huge heart full of understanding and love for all,
Even me with my too-big bones and broken wisdom.
We commented, we connected, we shared.
You joined my main groups as an admin – someone I c
Happy Valentines from the Queen of Hearts by KizzyAnel>

:fella: Winners

:star: First Place goes to KizzyAnel who will receive a 6-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
:star: Second Place goes to MagicalJoey who will receive a 3-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
:star: Third Place goes to SvalaW who will receive a 1-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
* Prizes are courtesy of DeviantArt.

:fella: See you all for next month's ArtFest! :wave:

Teach Me, Senpai! Vol. 3- Pixel Scene

Fri Feb 20, 2015, 9:00 PM

Hello! :wave: rvmp Welcome back to another edition of Teach Me, Senpai! here at fella. Grin :D   This week, our project is going to be creating a pixel scene. :la:

Here are the tutorials! :happy: 


BG Tutorial 1: Sky + Lighting by Eeconyn Cloud Tutorial by Mistress-Jaeden Sky, Step by step by 5T1N9R4Y


Grass tutorial MS Paint by PsunnaPixel Tutorial pt 3 - Grass by October-OwlBackground Elements Tutorial by Mysticara


Pixel Tree Tutorial by JuicyZone Pixeling a Crystal Tree by K-hos Pixel treetut by MixedMilkChOcOlate Pixel Tree Tutorial by D-e-n-a


Pixel art tutorial - shading / textures + examples by UszatyArbuzpixel texturing tutorial by MenInASuitcase

Just a note, these articles will be moving from being posted every third Saturday to every 28th of the month. :wink: rvmp And as always, feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated! mintlove 

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