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Being devious is srs bsns

Fella's ArtFest: August 2015 Winners!

Fri Aug 28, 2015, 8:40 PM

Welcome to Fella's ArtFest!

Fella's ArtFest is a monthly contest in which the DeviantArt community can display its love and appreciation for art and all its forms.
Each month's ArtFest has a particular theme! To participate, create an original piece of art (all media are accepted) and submit it to DeviantArt as a deviation! From there, simply submit your deviation to fella's very own gallery into this month's ArtFest gallery folder.

:fella: Entries

The theme for August's ArtFest was birthdays.
The entries are below! :la:
Celebrate DA's 15th Birthday by daniya-ART Happy Birthday DA! - ArtFest Contest by LorenzoLivrieri Another Year Has PassedAnother Year Has Passed
I missed your birthday this year, on purpose.
I find that if I celebrate it each year I’m thought of as weird;
Hanging on, not grieving properly, or somesuch nonsense.
But i remember deep inside the day you were supposed to be born;
Five days after my birthday and eleven after your father’s.
Happy birthday little one, happy birthday little son.
I love you dearly, always will. I loved you then and love you still.
I remember best the day you left, and how I felt, lost and bereft,
So happy birthday little boy, I hope you’re bringing heaven joy.

You were like a bulb planted roots up – no chance to properly grow a foundation in life –
And I, the stubborn soil, didn’t realise.
So each year you grow a year older in death as I grow one in life,
And I wonder still; was it my fault? Was it God’s? Was it ‘his’?
But I remember deep inside, the day you died, and the day you were meant to live.
15th Birthday by euphoriarcane Birthday BouquetsBirthday bouquets
Consist of
Flowers of a different kind:
Love, health,
Confidence, kind words,
Prosperity, calmness,
Peace and courage,
And of a lot more,
That does good.
Out of trust, joy,
Contemplative hours,
Patience and soul,
Birthday bouquets are made.
DeviantArt @2015 by rhavendc Let's Celebrate DA's 15th Birthday by daniya-ART

:fella: Winners

15th Birthday by euphoriarcane Happy Birthday DA! - ArtFest Contest by LorenzoLivrieri Let's Celebrate DA's 15th Birthday by daniya-ART
:star: First Place goes to euphoriarcane who will receive a 6-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
:star: Second Place goes to LorenzoLivrieri who will receive a 3-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
:star: Third Place goes to daniya-ART who will receive a 1-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
* Prizes are courtesy of DeviantArt.

:fella: See you all for next month's ArtFest! :wave:


Pixel-Digital doll basemaking by FionaCreatesBasing Without Tracing by kawaiihannahnot-so-tutorial: base edit by grangerpixel


Tutorial: Messy hair by Rami-crazyfoxTutorial: Hair by Rami-crazyfoxTutorial: Hair by Banished-DreamsThe Shou's Way To Pixel Hair by ShouriMajoNew Hair Tutorial by alamodepixels.:Tool Shaded Doll - Hair:. by FionaCreatesHair Tut for Pixel-Tool Dolls by PhoeC

Facial Bits

How i pixel lips by decomposing-lotushalfassed makeup tutorial :'D by valokilljoy


Dolling tops by SmiteTheeWithApplesJEANS YO by TheThirdActAsha's Jeans Tutorial by IcecradleDigital Doll Step by Step by FionaCreatesDolling Hints and Tips No. 3 by emytee

Fancy Bits

Sparkles and Glitter Tutorial by batty-mcbatsGlitter tutorial by snap-hiss

This fortnight's media: Fan ART!

i'll follow you to the end of the world by ATEL1ER Song of the sea by T00xicpanda
Iron From Ice by ertacaltinoz 8815 by zzpopzz Jack and Jackie. by Bormoglot
Mads by ladynlmda Ohana Mau Loa by athenanoza C: Meli'sera Bloodborn by DemonLife
Nazgul / Ulaer by cobaltplasma Game of Thrones: Battle of Winterfell by ManNamedGeorge That's too many weapons by Jedi-Art-Trick
Heart of the Mountain by kallielef Elektra by MicahJGunnell lets make a bet by Larkles
Fan Art Friday - Holo-Pearl by Ghotire SU: evening by Sangcoon

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jaegershark Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
vry srs bsns indeed B)

I'm sorry but the tagline somehow amused me with the 'srs bsns' part x'D
Gnasvipzem Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
And happy birthday Fella, thank you and love youuuu I love deviantART! I love deviantART! 
Thanks so much for hard work
Gnasvipzem Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
May i ask where was monthly contest of Fella this August? I was really hope for it :(
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I want to join MONTHLY CONTEST but i CANT SUBMIT the art into RIGHT gallery. I even go directly to the gallery but there is no way for me to suggest or submit my art :cry: Waaaah! 

May someone there help me or show me how? I would really appreciate it 
MiloticScale Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there,

The monthly contest only runs from the 5th of each month until the 25th. It is currently the 29th, and the monthly ArtFest contest isn't happening right now. You will be able to participate again on July 5th until July 25th, and you must be a member of fella in order to submit your art to the contest. :) 

Have a good day! 
LonelyGabu Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student General Artist
I had submitted a piece, *nudges gently thumb to see if I did it right XD*  :thumb453146023:  this one not too long ago for the May competition and it was added to the list but now its not there. its post date is "Submitted on May 9". I'd really love it for this piece to be in the competition. Just would love to have some feedback. Thank you and hope you have a great evening.
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