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Monday Munchies [16]

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 2:55 PM by TimberClipse:icontimberclipse:


Every Monday, I will be featuring a single deviant's artwork. The deviant may be known or unknown, and may have received accolades or joined deviantART last week. By featuring just a single deviant, I hope to give the deviant some exposure and bring a little beauty to your week. I also include a short description about the artist and/or what draws me to their work. 


Ta. IV by Hely29

I came across the work of Hely29 quite by accident recently. Their photography really impressed me as their attention to detail was incredible. The lighting, poses, and models all work beautifully together to create really incredible pieces. 

Erica VI by Hely29

Based in the Netherlands, this deviant really aims to create amazing captures. They write:
There are some characteristic elements of my photography which I believe clearly emerge in my work: the desire of telling something beautiful, delicately sensual and seductive, the research of a mood... the respect for what I see and shoot... the attention to the light, pose and expressions... 

Kim I by Hely29

Take a look at more of the beautiful portraits that Hely29 has captured here.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 
11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

Project Vision Art

Improve your ability to connect with your audience and sell your product with an online PRODUCT VIDEO from Project Vision Art.


The Visual Narrative Project began in 2013 when more than 100 scripts from seven different countries were submitted to the project. One script was chosen to be fully produced.

Community Groups

:iconfella: :icondeviant365: :iconhq: :iconcommunityrelations:

Hop on board Fella's Welcome Wagon as we welcome some awesome new deviants into our community!

Welcome, PrettyOrangeMonster!
Deviant for 2 Months

Standing Nails by PrettyOrangeMonster

Welcome, espiire!
Deviant for 2 Months

[gift] tfm by espiire

Welcome, mega-diancie!
Deviant for 2 Weeks

.:FANART:. Star the cutie-Eevee by mega-diancie

Welcome, joffrehorlor!
Deviant for 7 Months

Hairy Goddess #3 by joffrehorlor

Welcome, corngum!
Deviant for 5 Months

Still too young by corngum

Deviants featured here have been a part of our community for less than one (1) year and have at least one (1) deviation in his/her gallery. If you see any awesome new deviants you'd like to see featured here, please send a note to fella with your suggestion!

Did You Know - dA web

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 4:00 AM

deviantART @web

While the website itself is rather obvious, you can find deviantART at other spots in the world wide web as well.
It helps to stay connected and informed, even if you can't log in to dA itself.

28 07 2014 01 by ginkgografix

A few of those accounts can already be found in the deviantART footer, but there is a more!


28 07 2014 04 by ginkgografix


28 07 2014 02 by ginkgografix


28 07 2014 03 by ginkgografix


28 07 2014 05 by ginkgografix


28 07 2014 07 by ginkgografix


28 07 2014 06 by ginkgografix

Beside those that are frequently used to promote art and events from deviantART you can also find them at:


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YS-Liliumsynth Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013   Writer
Good morning/afternoon/evening~ :iconarigatouplz:

Just a little awareness, there are a lot of Filipinos here in deviantart, too...
groups like these~~> :iconda-pinoys: :iconstudio-pinoy: :iconpinoyunderdogs: :icondevpinoys: :iconda-philippines: :iconphilippines: and :iconpinoyphotography: to name a few...

It's about the situation here in the Philippines, concerning the Typhoon Haiyan ("Yolanda" in the Philippines), where at most, CNN, BBC, Reuters, news around the world already have reported about Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, with wind speeds exceeding 300kph. 
The situation in the Visayas (the middle peninsula of the Philippines) is very much dire in the wake of the typhoon, and the aftermath was and is tragic beyond words...

At most, I'm appealing to "FellAwareness" to at least, let the other deviants be aware of the situation of this country. I remembered the FellAwareness during Japan's tsunami and earthquake disaster.

Thus, I am appealing for the FellAwareness for this dreadful situation for here in dA...
As much, around 1700+ are confirmed dead, and almost 10,000 people were estimated to have died, and even with the CNN, BBC, and other world networks combined are still not enough to get the entire picture of this situation, as communications are down in most areas. The death toll is just one of the things in consideration. Those who lived through the storm are dying, and surviving, struggling to be alive. Out of water, food, diseases spreading, mental stress and trauma, well the number of reasons are stockpiling.

But as much, I only appeal for the least even here in dA, people would be aware of this country that got devastated by one of the most powerful storms in history.

Hopefully awaiting for your response, thank you very much. :iconarigatouplz:

pilandok Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I agrees
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