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Being devious is srs bsns

This fortnight's media: Digital ART!

Foam-13 by kootenayphotos Praying Mantis NWP by tarkheki Itsy Islands by cronobreaker
Death Guard by htkpeh Hedroforn third stage by Brolken chrysalis by puppet-soul
Zombeer! by Felideus
La Boutique De Plantes - Colo by Aadorah cutting some corners by fraterchaos Cobra by Vasylina
Of Two Worlds by PyriteKite
lady with a swan by MagdalenaKapinos Sunshine by bluefooted Ondyr by GreekCeltic

This fortnight's media: Fan ART!

Saving Desmond by CavalierediSpade Amaterasu Cerulean Sky Smite by SpiritAJ
Holy Martyr by SaneKyle Inquisitor Ameridan - Hanged Man by Alassa Reality of our dreams by ViaEstelar
DOTA2 TEASER WINDRUNNER small 01 by biggreenpepper sakura saber by sishenfan
Todomatsu + Todoko by empew  Chibi Wars by wikigiuliYangchen by Buntglas
Sailor Mooon by MyDearBasil Adventure Time + One Punch Man! : YOUTUBE by rossdraws

This fortnight's media: MANGA & ANIME!

The Little Match Girl by OSH-red CM-ivynian by VeggieStudio
MAGE SS: photo board by avodkabottle Snow Globe Special commission for Quaazera by shrimpHEBY EE: Cabinmates by iZince

This fortnight's media: PHOTOGRAPHY!

Untitled by elyssa-obscura Frozen Grass by vamosver
Las Vegas Superheroes by oO-Rein-Oo Innocence II by Raining-Insanity Forest Magic by MeganCoffey
Le Deuil by Sylfvr come wander by DavidSchermann
la vallee sous la falaise by rdalpes Remembrance II. by realityDream
In Search of The Elusive Moosebird by davincipoppalag Flowers of magic by Antrisolja
Perpendicular by InayatShah Magic by feanutri one of the last by wiwionart
III by skarzynscy drops by MarcosRodriguez S o m e Colors Just Won't Fade by GrotesqueDarling13

This fortnight's media: Traditional ART!

Por una cabeza by eiger3975 Paper Plane by scratchproductions P.Diddy by VityaR83
PRAY for PARIS by Pathea Ghost Coloured by CCDriver
THE COLLECTOR by frenchapple10 Light From Vermeer by andrianart
Flesh + Blood by Crowtesque Bird and Porcelaine by marcheba
Summer ~Hear the cool sound~ by yumamu Winter sunlight by Stasushka Dream by pseudozufall
Rozane Bogactwo by stokrotas Shelter The Storm by abcartattack
Rainy Day by nihilistic-hun Take a Break by dadukk
Tamarii no te Moana  The children of the Ocean by Papercolour The Perfect Bait by Foyaland

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