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Teach Me Senpai! (Vol. 1- Drawing Faces)

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 20, 2014, 8:18 AM

Hello! wave remake I'm Amoret, and I'm gonna be starting this new monthly feature at fella called 'Teach Me, Senpai!'. Basically what this is is a feature of tutorials, made by deviants, centered around a similar theme or project. They will be posted every 3rd Saturday of each month with a new theme and a new set of tutorials :dummy: I will try my best to create as much variety as possible in terms of techniques and artists, but also include some of my own favourites. They will be geared as variably as possible towards different mediums from volume to volume, and suggestions are greatly appreciated! :la:
Let's start with learning the individual parts....


Eyes, step by step by sakimichan eye tutorial by mirukawa [Tutorial] Semirealistic Eye by teralilac Anime Eye SAI Tutorial by Carlinette Semi-realism eyes with white lashes. Step by step by FeliceMelancholie Tutorial: hot mess of fantasy eyes by Indiron Eye steps by Dorinootje Eye Tutorial Resource by ConceptCookie


Nose tutorial by sakimichan Nose tutorial. Step by step by FeliceMelancholie Drawing the Nose Video Tutorial by ConceptCookie Nose Chart Reference by macawnivore Nose tutorial by NImportant Nose reference tutorial by ryky


Lips step by step -tutorial brush settings by ryky KISS KISS by agent-lapin realistic lips tutorial by ryky Lips - Tutorial by mah-freire Semi-realism lips. step by step by FeliceMelancholie Basic lip painting steps by Cellesria Lip Tutorial Resource by ConceptCookie

Makeup! :'D

How to Draw Makeup - Part I: Eyes by TwinklePowderySnow 

General Facial Features

Color Theory Mini: Skin by twin-tail T2 Eye Area and Mouth by ellastasia Facial features construction(cyclops tutorial :D) by anotherwanderer


Face Proportions by PMucks Nsio explains: Facial Proportions by Nsio Rough Facial Proportions by rinchan089

.... All right, now, put it all together! 
Digital Painting Tutorial Pt I by lithriel Massive Face Tutorial by gothic-icecream Digital face / portrait painting tutorial part 1 by me-illuminated Massive Face Tutorial 2 by gothic-icecream 

I hope you enjoyed  this feature! Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated ♥

Monday Munchies [28]

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 5:00 PM by TimberClipse:icontimberclipse:


Every Monday, I will be featuring a single deviant's artwork. The deviant may be known or unknown, and may have received accolades or joined deviantART last week. By featuring just a single deviant, I hope to give the deviant some exposure and bring a little beauty to your week. I also include a short description about the artist and/or what draws me to their work. 


James Rushforth | Gallery

The world turns on the Passo Giau by JamesRushforth

I came across JamesRushforth first with this photo. An incredible, beautiful, and truly stunning photograph. This is such a beautiful piece that involves simply everything that I love about nature in one place!

An alternative perspective on Lake Garda by JamesRushforth

What's incredible about James is that in addition to being a photographer he is also a climber. Those two things come together in some of his photos and work so perfectly together. I can only imagine the fun he gets to have with these two jobs!
The Marmolada by Night. by JamesRushforth

JamesRushforth has an incredibly diverse gallery as well. All of these photos are all worth your time! Check them all out!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 
11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20
21 22 23 24 | 25 26 | 27

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Challenges Around DeviantArt

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 1:08 PM

Contests, projects and challenges around deviantART to inspire your creations and to give you the opportunity to win some goodies! :dummy:

Christmas Chat and Forum Event hosted by Community Volunteers
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    Schedule: here
  • Forum events will be all posted by December 20th!

Seasonal Flower Contest hosted by I-Heart-Colors
  • Medium: Traditional Art, Digital Art, Photography, Photomanipulation, Artisan Crafts, Film & Animation
  • Deadline: December 24th
  • More information...

Pixel Challenge hosted by PixelChallenges

Our Christmas Contest hosted by All-about-features

M/A Repeating Contest: December 2014! hosted by MARepeatingContests

Anthro Challenge #114 - Making Memories hosted by anthrochallenge
  • Medium: Anthro (Literature, Digital Art and Traditional Art)
  • Deadline: December 31th
  • More information...

!!!Vampire Family!!! Contest hosted by Vampire-Family

MAGICAL WOODS - The spirit of nature hosted by MagicalWoods

Fairy Winter & Christmas In Summer hosted by PhotoManipulatorsx3

Our favourite artist 2014 hosted by StarWars4Ever

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SA Interview - RhynWilliams

Tue Dec 9, 2014, 11:56 AM

Congratulations to RhynWilliams for receiving seniority on July 7th, 2014! :squee:

Lucifer by RhynWilliamsElectrolysis by RhynWilliams

What is it like to be a part of the senior hut? How do you feel about receiving the Medal? How did you receive the news?

When I was given the seniority, I stared at my screen for around 5 minutes wondering what was going on, I wondered why was I given it, was it a glitch? was I given it by mistake or something? Then I noticed a flood of supportive comments on the bottom of my notifications page and a mention from fourteenthstar and so started to smile and my mood shot up, and yes it feels awesome!

You are a really active member of the Traditional Art community.
May I ask, what are your current activities in the Traditional Art community? Any projects you would like to promote?

Well, I do contribute journals (Traditional troves) to Traditionalists on a weekly basis to try and encourage people to comment, favorite and 'watch' work by artists who recently uploaded their art, because often striking work goes unnoticed and are left forgotten, I feel it's important to help each other out.
I often create forum threads in 'Deviant Thumbshare' to encourage people to upload their traditional works, So I highly recommend people to visit the forum section of DA because the more involved you are, the better the chance you have to get noticed.
Another group I would like to mention is projecteducate, like Traditionalists the work that has been done to keep this group alive is quite remarkable, full of insightful information to help fellow artists kindle their prefered trade, I was lucky enough to set off their 'Hints + Tips' journals (which Is to teach artists techniques in the most easiest and fastest way possible)

What made you interested in Traditional Art?

I became interested in art when I was hauled away from my classes at high school for being too hyperactive. I was sent to the library where I searched for art books to look at, I would doodle and sketch to pass the time. After a while I would start to enjoy being sent away because for someone with ADHD and dyslexia, I was in my element.

Who are your inspirations in the Traditional Art community? And why?

Apart from art masters I look up to, here on on DA there are many artist who are pillars to the traditional art community and these are just some that stand out ArtByCher deshrubber jane-beata STelari Backsackandjack MarySdfghjkl and valaisis

Thank you very much for the interview! Do you have anything you wish to share with us? Any Last words?

Thank you, Yes.. this is directed to any artists of any trade.
Art is and will always be a puzzle, you will always adapt and learn to correct your errors, you may sometimes feel like you are not good enough or you may feel other artists are better than you.. this is normal, the trick is to keep at what your doing and concentrate on your own work, instead of putting someone else's work up on your wall, stick your own work on the wall and look at how you can improve your last piece. Listen to criticisms, drop your vanity at your studio door, you can always claim your ego at your next showing when people compliment your work, spend less time on the computer and draw, draw all the time! draw things you dont like drawing and if you keep at it, you will improve.

fella is a welcoming space for new deviants, and a home for many existing deviants. We have had features ranging many categories and forms of art, and contests and events that have given out many prizes! But as 2014 winds down, we are looking to grow in 2015. This is where you come in. 

If you have a feature now, or wish to create one and share it at fella we are asking you to apply through this form

"Feature" encompasses many things for us, but most importantly, the journal that is shared must be beneficial to deviants (new and/or old). If you want to start something new, or bring a current feature to deviants at fella, this is your chance! A feature may also be a project (such as the Senior Interview series that is shared at Fella) that features deviants individually, events, etc.   

Happy Holidays to everyone, and we look forward to an amazing 2015 with each and every one of you!

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