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Welcome to the second dA Life blog, a series created to help you enjoy your time on dA and use it's many tools for sharing your art, appreciating other people's art and taking part in the wonderful community that we have here.


The first step to improving your art in an environment like is to share it, to put it out there where other artists and art appreciators will see it. dA Life #01: Sharing Your Art covers this and is well worth a read.


deviantART has a Critique system in place to allow you to request detailed feedback on your creations.

FAQ #95: What is the Critique Feature and how do I use it?

The official Critique system is a Premium Membership feature but there's no stopping all members from requesting constructive feedback and suggestions in the regular comments section of their deviations.

I'm not suggesting going on a spamming mission at every artist you admire, but if you've been chatting with someone who's work your adore, try asking politely if they could share their thoughts on your work. Remember to accept that not everyone will have time to do this, so please don't be angry if someone chooses not to critique your work.

A lot of Groups have a gallery folder specially for members who would like to submit work for critique and there are even Groups dedicated solely to the art of critique. Here are some to get you started...

:iconcritiquecommunity: :iconcritique-exchange: :iconcritiqueguru: :iconcritique-boutique: :iconuncritic:


Did you know there are absolutely loads of tutorials on dA, relating to just about every aspect of every genre and medium of art? You can browse Resources and Stock Images > Tutorials by a number of different categories to help you find the information you're looking for.

You can also search for Groups about tutorials. Some worth checking out are...

:icontutorialsclub: :iconglobaltutorials: :icontutorials-and-co: :iconartisan-tutorials: :icontutorial-city:
:iconphotoshoptutorials: :iconhints-and-tips: :iconartistshospital: :iconmangaacademy: :iconphotolust:
:iconanimal-anatomy: :iconwalkthrough-rookie: :iconmangaworkshop: :iconmastergimpers: :iconthedigitalpainter:


One of the main factors in improving your art is to look at where you want to be headed. Just started painting? Check out some of the pictures in the Digital Art or Traditional Art galleries and groups. Just got your first camera? Have a look through the Photography gallery and groups.

When you're just getting started, it can seem almost impossible to create art on a level with your favourite established artists, but it IS possible! Everyone started somewhere. Chances are the professional designer you look up to started out using off-the-peg Photoshop filters on snapshots, or the published author you admire took their first steps making up short stories about their favourite tv characters.


If you find yourself wanting to give back to the community or want to support and encrouage other artists the way you've been supported an encouraged, you can offer critique and share your knowledge to help others build their skills.

Check out the list of Groups in the CRITIQUE section above and have a hunt for tutorials about critique to get you started.

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