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Being devious is srs bsns

Fella's Birthday Tasks Winners

Sat Aug 21, 2010, 1:46 AM by PurpelBlur:iconpurpelblur:

Fella wishes to apologize for the delay of this announcement. He and his friends had their heart and aww strings tugged at by so many of these entries it was rather difficult for them to decide.
Fella and crew thank you all so much for participating in these tasks and making his 10th birthday deviously wonderful!

1. Personify the number "10" via any medium.

Task 1 . The Number 10 by jdrainville

2. Draw the most magnificent and devious cake ever ... with your eyes closed.

Fella's Birthday Tasks - 2 by bowservspeach109

3. Finish the following: "The unicorns were on their way to the party when..." Ten sentences or less.

[Fella recommends reading this one out loud.]
The unicorns were on their way to the party when a big rompurfulous Raggamuffindlecake trondoodled on to their path and blocked their way! The unicorns were gratheously nondumpled at this, How on Earth to move it? thought they. Pondordondled did they for a while, till a mijuntuing Fella the size of a Gligglewaxicle appeared to save the day, as it were! The Fella glomfumphed his way to the hujumbous Raggamuffindlecake and pleasantly asked him to take his trindle and trondle off.
"I was only on my way to the party...I brang cake!" said he.
"Oh, well that's okay then! Follow us!" asdunlidled Fella.
So the four newly-befriended friends fundooted back down to the party, that was until a yetlieded Tworglemorgleflorgleworgleporfleguff got in their way! But, "No worries", said he, "I'm going to the party aswell!". It was a great relief to all of them and the 5 scallatoddled to the party - it was a great surprise to all the other party goers when they saw two Unicorns, Fella, a rompurfulous Raggamuffindlecake and a yetlieded Tworglemorgleflorgleworgleporfleguff walk through the door!

4. What did Llama and Mudkip get Fella for his birthday?

Task 4: Mudkip's present by kinimoto7

5. What is the most beloved gift you ever received? Why? Do you still have it?

But if I’m honest, there’s something that means so much more to me. Something I will never lose, because it’s inside me. It’s a gift someone very wonderful shared with me, and something I love, because now I’m never alone, no matter what, now I’m never bored, now I’m never lost, now…now I have my own world. Now I can relive memories as if they were yesterday.
This was the gift of a key, a key to a world I never knew existed, but now can’t imagine a life without…it wasn’t just a key to imagination, everyone can imagine. This was a key to stories. Opening that door, it was the best moment of my life. The reason it’s the most beloved gift, is because that door shut long ago, but with me on the other side. Now life is so much more wonderful. Now, in my world, I never have to lose that magic. I will always have it with me, and one day I hope to be able to share it with someone else. You might think my mother gave it to me. Or at least my Father. Perhaps a teacher? A Nanny, or aupair? No.…

6. Show Fella celebrating his birthday with friends.

Task 6 -Fella's Birthday Party by 3DXStudios

7. What was the most inspirational moment you've had at deviantART?

My most inspirational moment was when a fellow deviant sent me a note asking if I could design her a tattoo. The tattoo had such a deep and personal meaning for her that I felt so nervous about getting it wrong. Everything went perfectly though and she eventually got the tattoo done on her wrist. I was really down at that point about my skills and was struggling to get back into designing, as after uni I was so burned out I felt like I'd lost it! but after the tattoo was done I felt like I was worth my salt and could create designs that mean something to other people and to myself. There is no bigger buzz for me than designing a meaningful tattoo for someone and to see it on their skin! Thanks to DA, to Mel and to Peter for telling me about DA! :D

8. Feature 5 deviations that were submitted in the past week. Tell why you chose each.

Please click here for journal.

9. Write a short story of a devious adventure Fella had on his special day.

10. What deviation, your own or another deviant's, has the most powerful meaning to you? Why?

All eyes. by PURErube
Why, exactly? Rube is an amazing photographer in general, but the impact of this photo, visually and mentally, are both quite astounding. The colors of it are just... amazing. He doesn't give away the meaning of the photo, but asks you to tell him what you think it is... and I've examined this particular photo many times, and I've come to the conclusion that it symbolizes not wanting to grow up, and wanting to stay in a place by ones self, like a hermit, staying a kid mentally forever. Seeing as his stuffed animals keep him company, his computer informs him of the outside world, and his books take him places when he wants to get out. Also, the paintings could also be taken as an outlet of creativity; or childhood homes. Not wanting responsibility. I, myself, have some sort of fear of getting older, growing up and going out into the world. While excited to be older, to be more respected by peers, to do things that I want to do, I'm also terrified of whats to come. Sometimes I'd wish I could sit in my room forever surrounded by the things that've kept me safe and sound all these year, and still young, sounds like a great thought at times. To be a kid forever, forever young. And the phrase 'forever young' has a whole different meaning to me by itself. This photo made me think about this; and by thinking about it so much it's seems to not be such a good thing to want to be a kid forever. Not only did this photo give me a wonderful visual with it's striking colors and beautiful composition, but it also made me think, and I LOVE to think. Not many photographs make me think much, but this one defiantly did. Cheers to Rube. :la:

Fella Plushie by deviantWEAR :iconbigheartplz:S :iconletter-yplz::iconletter-oplz::iconletter-uplz:

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