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Welcome to  Undiscovered Weekly for Resources and Stock. Undiscovered Weekly is commited to spotlighing exceptional artists who have been at deviantArt less than three years, have low  page views, and/or few watchers.

This month I will feature Stock providers, Liancary-Stock,
:ladyofjustice:, and 13-Melissa-Salvatore. I will also include Resource, brushes and a tutorial by Outof4mmo, in this feature.

19-year-old Lia is from Germany. She has been adding photos for
stock for one year.  In that short time she has built up  a gallery containing 484 very creative fantasy theme photo stock. She says that she is self-taught digital artist and photographer, and she loves to wear costumes. And I must say that her art is worth looking at, and her stock is worth using. She is a contributor at 4 groups including FairytaleStock, and Stock-World.

Thorfinn by Liancary-Stock  Mirkwood Elf 7 by Liancary-Stock   

 Siana Stock - 11 by Liancary-Stock 

Eye for an eye by Liancary-Stock 

Chelsea, LadyofJustice, from Canada, joined deviantART today. Even
though she has only uploaded 13 deviations (that includes the two
below), it's quite obvious that she has talent. She made the two heads below for the PC game TheSims3. The only direction she is going in her art is up!

Lorthemar Hair for The Sims 3 (DL) by LadyofJustice 

Illidan Hair for The Sims 3 (DL) by LadyofJustice

Melissa Salvatore has been at deviantArt for 2 years, uploading
over 400 stock photos during that time. Her stock images range from innocent Medieval girls, to an Ofelia series, and  Steam Punk shots. There are some series of her photos that are not really well suited
for photomanipulation. Such as having the models too far away.
But this is not a criticism to keep anyone from looking through
her gallery because it is well stock with some great photos.

-- by 13-Melissa-Salvatore 

 --- by 13-Melissa-Salvatore

Morticia :) by 13-Melissa-Salvatore  Steampunk Lady by 13-Melissa-Salvatore

Sylvain Bilodeau has chosen Outof4mmo as his user name, and that is interest within itself. However, he has already shone his interest in being a contributor and sharing what he knows with other photomanipulators.  He comes from Canada, and is currently one of the administrators at both LethalArtz and Creativ-Xtreme.

Kaos Brush Set 2.0 by Outof4mmo  Kaos brush set by Outof4mmo

My tutorial is one by Outof4mmo. This one was featured in issue 122 of the Advanced Photoshop Magazine.  Although he calls it  a "crash course", it has enough information to help even the beginner to PhotoShop create a dynamic images.

The jungle Crash course Tutorial by Outof4mmo

Thank you for viewing these wonderful deviants art and learning something about them. Next week the feature media is Photomanipulation.          

Found an undiscovered talent in Stock or Resources?
Feel free to note me your suggestion.

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SA Interview - Branchewski

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 12:00 AM

Congratulations to Branchewski for receiving seniority on July 7th, 2014! :squee:

Boloria Selene by Branchewski Playing With Fire by Branchewski

What is it like to be a part of the senior hut? How do you feel about receiving the Medal? How did you receive the news?

Being a part of the senior hut makes me feel really motivated. I've always looked up to Senior members, evidence of their hard work and devotion to the community always being present around the site. I never expected to receive such an honour, so that now I'm spending most of the time thinking about how to give more to the community, get involved, and help out others whenever and however I can.
I received the news from my dear friend CROvalentina. She sent me a facebook message that basically said "Go to your dA profile. Now." I was at work and I didn't know what to expect, so I almost missed it the first time. Then I noticed the medal. And that was when I got massive goosebumps! :giggle:

What made you interested to join DeviantArt? What history is behind it? :eyes:

Back in year 2000, my best friend moved from Croatia to United States. Back then, broadband internet was almost nonexistent in my country, whatever we had from internet was via 56k modems and that was very expensive. I lost contact with my best friend for a few years. When we regained contact, he sent me a link to his gallery on dA. It was then that I had my first contact with dA, and fell in love with it. The year was 2005 and dA was growing fast. It could be said that I came for my friend, fell in love with the art, and stayed so long for the community. :aww:

You have an incredible collection of photos in your gallery!
What made you interested in Photography? What tools are you using to take photos like these?

Thank you very much, I consider myself a beginner in photography, and am very critical of the photos I post here. If it wasn't for dA , I would probably never have such a great hobby.  After spending some time just worshiping the art on dA, I decided to take a camera in my hand and have some fun. I had no experience, but my older sister went to photography school so she gave me a few pointers, but it was after I saved some money to buy my first dslr that I really started learning. I have a very modest gear, and I learn to make the best of it. For my butterfly photos I use a Tamron 70-300mm mounted on a Canon 1000D. I take a pleasure of taking photos of those, because they require a certain patience and stealth to get a good photo.

Any tips and tricks for other photographer how to take photos with the right lighting and effects?

Well, I am no pro, and all I know is just from little experience I have. If you learn the strong points and the weak points of whatever tool or gear you are using, you can make amazing photographs even with cheapest of cameras. You don't even need to know much about post processing either. Know your camera, know your environment, take lots of photos, and spend time observing your results. And don't forget to have fun. :giggle:

Thank you very much for the interview! Do you have anything you wish to share with us? Any Last words?

I would like to thank every deviant out there for making this community what it is. It will be a strong part of my life for years to come. No other place on the internet have what we have, and we must never forget that. We are a nation of deviants, a community of artists, and together we are a strong force of good on this world. The greatest things are yet to come. Thank you, have fun, and stay devious. :dalove:


Project Educate Gallery: Film + Animation [2]

Who Are The Film & Animation Volunteers?

The film and animation galleries, which we introduced earlier today, are currently run by two community volunteers. kingmancheng who started working with the community in late September of 2011, and TimberClipse who began in November of 2012. kingmancheng is now a mentor for the film & animation galleries and also works as a freelance illustrator and animator. TimberClipse works in the film industry mostly with the camera department and has directed a couple of films of his own.

Together, the two of us work side-by-side to bring activity, daily deviations, and features to the Film & Animation galleries. Every Daily Deviation that is selected, is agreed by both volunteers working in tandem.


What Do We Look For In Daily Deviations?

Daily Deviations are tricky to choose We look for quality within a deviation, not only by itself, but also against other deviations similar to it, other deviations the filmmaker has created. We look at the use of visual elements, audible elements, and editing approaches. All of these factors make up what we look for in DDs.


What Qualifies Films For Daily Deviations?

We have a few things that qualify films for Daily Deviations.

  1. To start off, we have some rules that are set for all galleries. For example, we cannot feature a deviant more than once every 6 months. For a full list of these rules, please take a look at our guidelines.
  2. For films in particular, what qualifies them is their quality in all aspects of the film or animation and how everything works together. 
    1. Story - We look for strong, compelling, and new stories. 
    2. Acting - Fun, entertaining, and captivating acting is great
    3. Editing - Editing should be clean, exact, and bring the story together
    4. Animation - Animation styles that are unique or realistic are especially amazing
    5. Music - Pieces that match the film or animation and add to the emotion that is felt 
  3. We want to feature something that is special, something that every artist strives for. We look for items that include new styles, ideas, and hard work put in by the filmmaker(s) or animator(s). 


What Is The Film & Animation Gallery For?

The film and animation gallery is created for filmmakers and animators of all varieties, skill sets, and experience levels. We are a home and community that supports all types of films and animations. We do not accept flash animations, however, they can be placed in the Flash Gallery.

Films that are submitted to deviantART should be a piece of art. To us, that means that films should be strong in their components based on their category. For example, a short fiction film should have a strong story, characters, music (if applicable) and editing while a 30-second commercial should be an excellent sell for the company, group, project, or whatever the film was created for.

We aren’t looking for home videos or pieces that are made without an artistic component to the film. We also will not accept any content that is pornographic, further definitions of what this content is available in the FAQ.

The Film & Animation gallery is a fantastic place to share your work, but it also is one of only a few real communities for filmmakers. We hope to continue to grow the community, and we would love your help being part of that!

Did You Know - Notes

Mon Aug 18, 2014, 10:32 AM


Within your Message Center you also have a section that is for notes only. Notes are something like deviantARTs internal mails.

Your Notes center can be easily reach by either clicking on the little note symbol in your menu or by selecting the Notes tab in your Message Center.

18 08 2014 01 by ginkgografix

On the left side you have - similar to your regular Message Center - your notes menu. Beside 6 default folders (Inbox, Unread, Starred, Sent Notes, Drafts and Spam) you also can add your own custom folders to organize notes.

18 08 2014 02 by ginkgografix

The little number next to the folder indicates how many notes you currently have there.
When you hover over the name of a custom folder, a little arrow symbol will appear that will give you some more organizing options.

18 08 2014 03 by ginkgografix

When deleting a custom folder your notes won't be deleted as well. Instead all of them will be moved back to the Inbox.

Writing Notes

When you want to write a new note you have two buttons to make the note form appear. The upper button is available for both tabs in your Message Center.

18 08 2014 04 by ginkgografix 18 08 2014 04a by ginkgografix

You also can send notes to a certain deviant directly from their page. When doing so their name will appear in the recipient area automatically.

18 08 2014 05 by ginkgografix

If you want to send a note to more than one deviant, you need to separate the single names with a comma.

:note: If you want to note someone, but can't remember their exact name, you can also make use of that little icon next to the recipient field. If you click that a list of all deviants and groups on your watchlist will appear. From there you can choose the people/groups directly.

18 08 2014 06 by ginkgografix

Beside that, when you start to type a name, you will get suggestions for possible matches from the deviants/groups you watch as well.

18 08 2014 07 by ginkgografix

After writing the content of your note, you can check via preview if all added codes work right and decide whether you want to add your signature to the note or not.
If all done correctly click 'Send' and the note will appear in the Message Center of the people you wrote to immediately (a refresh might be needed though). At the same time a copy of your note will be placed in your Sent Notes folder.

While writing notes it can sometimes happen that your browser will crash and your unsent note seems to be lost.

If that happens go to your Drafts folder. As soon as you start writing a note there will be a copy of it added there.

18 08 2014 08 by ginkgografix

You can also save a draft on purpose, when you want to go on writing a note at a later time.
Therefore you have the Save as Draft button under your note form.

Note Icons

With the help of the little note icons you also know their current status.

18 08 2014 10 by ginkgografix

Top row (from left to right)
• Note unread. These note hasn't been opened by you yet or was markes as unread again.
• Note read. You have opened this note already or marked it as read.
• Note read and replied to. You have opened this note and replied to it.

Bottom row (from left to right)
• Note sent and unread. The recipient has received the note but not read it yet.
• Note send and read. The recipient has received the note and read it.
• Draft. This note is a draft as hasn't been sent yet.

Maintaining and Organizing your Notes

To organize your notes, you are able to move them to custom folders, to highlight them, to mark them as unread or to mark them as spam.

To select one or more notes you simply check the little box in front of each note. The selected notes will appear slightly lighter than the others and a check mark will added to the box.
Now you have several things you can do and most of them can be done in more than one way.

Starring Notes

To 'star' a note you just need to click that little star icon in front of a note. If it is successfully starred the icon will appear yellow and that note is also added to the Starred folder.

18 08 2014 09 by ginkgografix

Instead of using the Star icon you can also go to the Mark As... button and select "Starred" or "Unstarred" the selected notes at once.

:note: All notes with the yellow star icon in front of that box will appear in your starred folder.

Mark as Spam

No matter if you are still looking at the preview or already opened a note, if you realize it is spam, choose Spam from the Mark... As drop down menu.
It is then reported as such and action might be taken.

Mark as Unread

Sometimes you already read a note, but can't or don't want to reply to right away. To highlight it, you select the note and then choose Unread from the Mark As... drop down menu.

Deleting Notes

Just select the notes you want to delete (this will be permanent and can't be undone) and click the Delete button.
You will be warned once, afterwards the notes are gone.

Moving Notes

To move your notes to the prefered custom folder you select them and choose a folder via the Move to... drop down menu.

:note: You can also move notes via Drag&Drop.

18 08 2014 11 by ginkgografix

Want to learn more?

Suggest a Topic

As we write this article series for you, the community, we would like to know: What aspects of the website do you want to learn more about? Or what can you teach other deviants about? If we decide to use your suggestion we will be sure to credit you.
Thank you for your input in advance!

Let us know your ideas through our feedback page  fellallama by mintyy

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Undiscovered Weekly: Anime and Manga

Mon Aug 18, 2014, 3:30 AM

Welcome to Undisvovered Weekly for Anime and Manga. Undiscovered Weekly is commited to spotlighing exceptional artists who have low page views, and/or few watchers, and have been a deviant for three years or less.


Found an undiscovered talent in Anime and Manga?
Feel free to note cinyu.

i n t e r v i e w e d
Rinnemi | 12-o-clock


cinyu: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
Hello! My name is Rinnemi Don't want to show a photo on how I look or some other private things  but I can tell you my age which is 21 as of this year.
As far as interests go, I like anime, manga, video games listening to music and drawing.
The last one was kinda obvious I guess, I like making doodles, character designing, illustrating and all kinds of other things.
Just your regular nerd that has nothing better to do with his talents.
Oh and I also like to try out food that I never tasted before, except for the repulsive looking ones.

cinyu: What software do you use for your art? How do you create your art?
I use a wacom intuos 4 as a tablet for digital art and use paint tool sai as my main painting program, I also have photoshop but I only use it for small detail changes at the very end.

What I do before starting doing an illustration is having an idea of what I want to draw.
Des it have lots of background? Is it focused on the character? What about the perspective? What kind kind of feelings is this drawing supposed to give? And all kinds of other things.

After I have a clear idea on what I want to do, I start doing some sketching on a layer with a thick brush tool in grey or blue, if it's supposed to have a background I have to pay more attention to the horizontal line and the vanishing point, since these are fundamental to draw out the right perspective.

In the next step I start a new layer for the character, I don't do lineart, I just draw a black silhouette and start to paint over it and make small changes to the light and shadow as I go, It's just that one layer, no other layer is needed unless I need to do some adjustments.

After finishing the character I begin with the background.
When drawing a background you have to keep in mind that in an open background, the farther away an object is the more it loses it's vibrant colors, it becomes clearer.
So in order to create that kind of effect, I stack multiple layers, and decrease the opacity in each layer depending on how far away the image in the layer is from the character.
After that, I just start painting over each layer at a time just like how I do it on my character.
It may be hard to understand but maybe my sppedpaint video on my original character amy be easier to understand.

Once I'm finished with that, sometimes I need to open it on photoshop to make some color adjustments or just some kind of special tool or brush from it.

After all that I reopen it on say, create a new layer put it on luminosity and create some pretty light effects, usually on the face, skin, background and some other stuff depending on the drawing.

And that's how I usually do it.
Everybody has his own way I guess.

cinyu: What is the most difficult part when you make a drawing?
I'd say it's when I try out something new, if not that then it's the hand, sometimes I just don't fell satisfied about itìs positioning or gesture and I have redo it all over again, otherwise it's the background, I just don't think that I'm proficient at backgrounds unlike some people say that I am...not yet atleast.

Summer Girl on balcony by RinnemiOriginal Character by RinnemiWhite Forlorn Reaper by Rinnemi

cinyu: What helps you impove the most?
I'd say practicing in general is the most efficient way, but otherwise, I looking at other peoples amazing drawings and watch some speedpaint and tutorials helps a lot.

cinyu: Who and what inspires you the most?
Any person that has amazing drawing skills inspires me to do better than I am today, but If I had to choose than I guess it's huke.
He is the reason I started making black blobs instead of the usual lineart and multiple layers of colors, at first I thought it was crazy but once I improved my drawing skills and tried it out myself, I noticed how much easier and less time consuming it was, and ever since then I drew blobs of black silhouettes instead of making lineart layers.


cinyu: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
Hello 0//u//0) you can just call me 12. Ahh, I like to draw obviously, but I also like to write stories too. I'm a gamer too, but I'm living out of it now since I'm going to be a college student soon. I'm into a lot of art related stuffs such as playing the guitar, piano, and singing too. I like to listen to some of the vocaloid's musical.

cinyu: What software do you use for your art? How do you create your art?
The software that I use are pain tool sai/ photoshops. Usually when I draw I do a very rough sketch of how I want it to look like, then I'll just trace over it. Then I color it (I don't have any particular coloring style right now, I'm still kind of in the process of finding it) then if I want too Ill just edit the picture with photoshops, although to don't use it much.

cinyu: What is the most difficult part when you make a drawing?
Haha, the most difficult part is having to think what to draw. Sometimes I just sit there and stare at the blank page for a while. The perspective is kind of frustrating too including the hand.

A worrier by 12-o-clockAfter The Rain by 12-o-clockdid it with love by 12-o-clock

cinyu: What helps you impove the most?
What help me improve is by looking at artist works, and observe what are the step that they do. (I watch speed paint on youtube) but the important one is by just spending a lot of hour drawing. Sometime I stayed up till 3am just to practice because I wanted to improved more.

cinyu: Who and what inspires you the most?
There is a lot of people that inspire me a lot, but one of my favorite is daenarys. Usually the music help motivate me when I draw. But one of the thing that  inspire me the most was seeing some artist old drawing comparing to their new ones, because I am hoping I can improve a lot more too as times passes by. I am pretty much looking forward to it too, so that's another thing that kept me drawing. :)

sleepless by 12-o-clock
Spirited Away by 12-o-clockThe Lost One by 12-o-clock

Information for this feature has been collected and presented by cinyu

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