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Did You Know - Points

Mon Apr 14, 2014, 11:57 AM


Points are dA's own currency, introduced in March 2010, that can be used in various ways within deviantART only.
The about page will give you a quick overview of what you can do with points already. There you will also find the rules for points - something worth to take a look at.

Before we go into details about what you can do with points, where you can get them etc, let's talk about their value.

80 :points: = 1$

That's how it is. Not more, not less. So when someone is doing commissions for 100 :points:, it doesn't mean that they want you to pay 100$. In fact you would only pay a little over 1$.
This is something you should always keep in mind. Especially when you think that someone charges too much for their work.

How to get points?

There are several ways how you can get points.
   • buying points yourself
   • accepting commissions
   • offering Premium Content
   • via donation pool
   • as a gift
   • as prizes for contests, challenges or events

An older DYK article already explained how to earn points, please take a look at that for more details.

What can you do with points?

There are several ways you can spent your points, but keep in mind that it can't be undone. Once the points have been transferred, they are gone.
   • commission someone
   • gift them to someone
   • offer them as prizes for contests
   • purchasing Premium Content
   • purchasing a Premium Membership
   • purchasing items from the Prints Shop
   • purchasing cake badges or llama accessories (more here)
   • trading llamas for Points (more here)

Where can you 'manage' your points?

All information that is related to points and your account can be found at

At the top you can see your current balance and the profit balance from commissions or Premium Content, that is ready to be withdrawn to your credit card / paypal or converted to points.

14 04 2014 01 by ginkgografix

Next to that you have the option of giving points to someone. The interface is the same as if you would do it via the "Give points" menu at a deviants page - you just have to type in the name manually here.

14 04 2014 02 by ginkgografix

And right below the "Give Points" area at the points page you find the URL you can use to motivate other deviants to donate to you.
It is always

14 04 2014 03 by ginkgografix

This URL can be used to create buttons or to link people directly to the donation page, in case they have trouble donating points otherwise.

At the lower part you then can take a look at your latest transaction. There you will also see that little message you can add when sending someone points.

14 04 2014 05 by ginkgografix

Some Point related FAQs

FAQ #234: What are Points?
FAQ #903: Why may I only purchase digital content with Points?

FAQ #894: Can I run a lottery for Points on deviantART?
FAQ #895: Can I offer an automated service on deviantART in exchange for deviantPOINTS?
FAQ #181: Can I still buy prints if I don't have a credit card?

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Hillsborough - 25yrs on

Sun Apr 13, 2014, 6:27 AM

This week marks the 25th Anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster

Hillsborough Rememberers by tomkav For the 96 by StarsnFlames The Truth Day by alireds

For anyone not well versed in British Football or Politics, the 15th April 1989 saw not only the biggest tragedies in British Sport, but also one of the most controversial and emotional in our modern society.

96 Liverpool supporters went to watch the FA Cup Semi-final, played on neutral ground at Hillsborough, the home of Sheffield Wednesday, between their team and Nottingham Forrest, but never came home.

Hillsborough Grief ReVisited by mr-macd Hillsborough 96 by theblastedfrench Liverpool and Manchester united over Hillsborough by OmarMomani

A human crush, blamed originally on the fans, but now agreed to have been the fault of the police for letting too many people in, saw the horrific deaths of those 96 and a further 766 injured.

It remains the largest and most devastating stadium-related catastrophe in British history.

Hillsborough HorrorsJust another day, they said,
Like any other time.
Another date in
Record from 1989.
Thousands rush in
As the game is
About to start.
So many lives lost,
Too many broken hearts.
Those screams of
Happiness soon
Turns to cries.
The desperate whimper
Of an innocent child.
With no escape of
Death and clinging
On to life.
Crushed between iron bars,
And bodies at every side.
Like animals in steel cages,
The fate of dieing or getting free.
The tears of terror
Branded forever
In football's memory.
The Hillsborough horrors,
The death of 96,
The Liverpool lovers
Whos lives will
Forever be remembered.  
You'll Never Walk AloneIt was set to be just another football match. It was the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool Football Club and Nottingham Forest FC. Liverpool fans arrived in their masses at Sheffield Wednesday's ground Hillsborough Stadium - the Travelling Kop was never going to disappoint their team. But for 96 fans, it wasn't a football match. For 96 fans, it was a death sentence. For every Liverpool supporter, player and most of the footballing world, it was a day that would never be forgotten.
At the time, most football stadiums had high fencing that separated the spectator's seats and the football pitch. This was the time of 'football hooligans', who would often invade the pitch or throw things at the players. Hillsborough Stadium was a regular place for semi-final matches to be held in the 1980s, hosting five in total. A situation such as the one on April 15th 1989 had occurred in 1981 at the semi-final between Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers - resulting in 38 fans being injured i
For The 96.To all those happy times,
We've cheered on our heroes from the stands of the ground.
We've celebrated every goal, scorned every mistake
And bemoaned every referee.
None could prevent such a sense of loss, even twenty years on,
As to the 96 who lost their lives following,
What we hold in Britain as the "Beautiful Game."
The souls crushed as they went to cheer their side to glory.
I cast a tear in my eye as I hear the anthem of their team,
Today, in memoriam,
I may not support Liverpool FC.
But as a fan of Football, I feel like we all lost ourselves that day,
20 years ago, when I was only two months old.
This is to those souls who will never cheer on the Reds again,
To the families who lost a loved one that day.
And for all fans of the sport.
"You will never walk alone," in the eyes of our lord.
May the games you watch in heaven be as magical as the games Liverpool play for you now.

Various reviews over the last 25yrs have taken placed to understand what actually happened that day.
The original report from the Sheffield Police stated the fans had caused the deaths, by rushing the gate.
It also stated that the majority of the crowd were drunk, violent and that more people could have been saved had the fans behavior not been so antisocial.

Hillsborough by Master1892 Hillsborough Memorial. by iammoeart Hillsborough Margaret Aspinall, Study by GeorgeRutherford

The 1990 inquiry debunks this and puts the blame of the disaster on failure of police control.
This also led to standing terraces being banned, you will now only ever see seated areas at all British stadiums.

On the 20th anniversary calls were made for all official documentation to be released.
The Hillsborough Independent Panel concluded in September 2012, that no Liverpool fan was at fault for the disaster.
Authorities had altered reports, doctored statements and tampered with evidence to cover their negligence.
41 of the 96 fatalities could have been saved, had they received prompt medical care. 

The Truth by alireds Candles for the 96, Liverpool by hiphopdj Anfield by gray-macbook

The lasting, powerful and painful reminders of this horrific incident cross all team rivalries as everyone falls silent to remember the dead.
Every year a minutes silence is had on the Sunday nearest the date and all players wear black armbands.
Today, for the 25th Anniversary, all league football matches in Britain are kicking off 7mins late as a mark of respect.

Remebering HillsboroughAll ninety-six
caught in the mix.
The mayhem that caused,
a game to be paused.
The people that died,
the many that cried.
Daughters, brothers, fathers and sons.
The weight of loss comes by the tonnes.
And still we remember 20 years on,
the gates ripped open, the fences un-done.
The lives torn apart,
many a broken heart.
The noise that stopped,
applause that topped.
Forever missed.
96 on the list.
The silent drone
"you'll never walk alone".
Keeper's GlovesHe used to play football after school
Pretended he was on the pitch for real
His friends too; passing the ball in the hot sun
Like their heroes in boots and keeper’s gloves
He loved to play in goal – to recreate
The craft of Shilton, or of Clemence
While in front of him, docked out in red
His friends raced towards him as Keegan
Such lovely times; I watched the boy grow up
Still donning his gloves through high school
To safeguard his school side, and each weekend
He’d head on down through Stanley Park to sing
He wore red as if it were his heart
I guess it was; he cheered for his team
He cheered on to finals and to trophies
Though he was always there for us as well
I’ll never forget that fateful night
When I heard the news and prayed for him
Prayed that he had not been in the horror
But I received the dread knock upon the door
And I still think back to those days in the park
His goalkeeper’s gloves white against the dark
A child’s voice singing “You
Justice for the 96JUSTICE
By Roper
Minutes of silence we share every year,
Day to day memories that bring out a tear.
Ninety-six roses laid out on the ground,
We stand back in silence, not even a sound.
The fifteenth of April in eighty nine,
Remember the place, remember the time.
Those ninety-six names and everlasting flame,
In memory of those lives, lost at '"THAT" game.
A city in mourning, red and blue come to flock,
Respect paid at Anfield, they queued round the block.
The flowers, the wreaths, the poems on cards,
Red white and blue, the kop covered in scarf's.
We don't ask for much, we just want what is right,
But if justice's not done, we'll come together to fight.
Not with our fists, bats, weapons or knives,
Just united in love for those who lost lives.
Cos Scousers are people unlike any other,
We will treat an outsider as though he's a brother.
Come into our house, "d'you fancy a brew?",
Your welcome again with more people too.
Just listen to us in what we have to say,
About what happened, on tha

True justice has still not been brought against those that would blacken the names of those they had fatally failed, to clear their own.
The Hillsborough Inquests are literally still taking part today and the 25yrs that have passed have done nothing to diminish the pain that has been caused.

To the greatest days when we as one cheered,
When goals were kicked and hat-tricks won,
To the muddy boots and friends laughter,
Walking home chattering about the next game
Of fathers, Uncles, Mothers and Gran’s,
Sisters, brothers and friends,
All chanting to this again,
The soul of football in their eyes.
It’s to be the chant of many;
“Remember when football was muddy,
When footballers didn’t have styled hair,
You used to spend the hours…. Just smiling away…”
But then of course it changed on one fateful day,
When disasters cried out and not a word was able to say
Of families torn apart, of brothers and sisters lost,
No great battle, No great feast,
Nothing to comfort the dead or living in the least,
Where God Himself, feared to tread,
Tears have fallen like rain from the sky,
Yet we have yet to find the reason why,
Accusation fingers pointing to authority,
And yet no answer do they speak…
To 96 lads and lasses not to come home,

For a more detailed overview (I'm no Football Historian!)
please have a look at the links below-

Hillsborough Family Support Group | Hillsborough Independent Panel | BBC Sport
The 96 (BBC Sport) | Wikipedia entry

Fella's Dictionary

Thu Apr 10, 2014, 8:08 AM

Hello deviants and welcome to Fella's Dictionary brought to you by fella!

Over the past month and a half, a number of our contributors have been hard at work creating a brand new, updated, and enhanced dictionary that will allow any deviant to find common and not-so-common definitions of words, terms and acronyms on deviantART. 

This dictionary has had a lot of sweat put into it. We encouraged deviants to contribute terms that they wanted to see defined. We then asked some of our contributors and deviantART Staff members to help bring together the final dictionary with as many definitions as possible. 

In the upcoming weeks, we will periodically share a fun or interesting definition from the dictionary and tell you even more about the term that we feature! 

So, go take a look at the dictionary, simply click the letters above or below this journal and you will be able to look through the definitions in that section. Each word has form of speech, pronunciation, definition, and more! So check it out and share it with your friends! 
Fella Loves You!

Fella's Dictionary: A - E

Wed Apr 9, 2014, 8:55 AM

= Premium Membership required = Outdated / Not available anymore

fella, deviantART’s mascot, brings together a dictionary of all the terms you could possibly want to know about on deviantART. From A to Z we have you covered. Click on the section you want below and search away. You can also search for terms within a given section by typing Control + F or Command + F (for Mac users) and searching for the term.

Are we missing anything? Let us know by shooting us a note at fella and we will keep adding terms. The last update was April, 2014.

AdCast /ad-kast/. noun;
  • deviantART’s art advertising platform.

Related: None

Add Media /ad mee-dee-uh/. noun;
  • available when creating journals, blogs and comments, this button allows a deviant to easily add official and community emoticons or thumbnails from the conversation, the community or a deviant’s own

Related: Premium Member, Comment

Admin Area /ad-min e-ree-uh/. noun;
  • The location where administrators (or contributors) of a group can manage members and have private discussions.
    Located at:

Related: Group, Contributor

Alpha Tester /al-fuh tes-ter/. noun;
  • a deviant selected to test alpha-stage features of the site and report bugs of those features.

Related: Beta Tester

Avatar /ah-vah-tar/. noun;
  • an icon that is next to a username which is 50x50 pixels in size.
  • an icon for a group that is 50 x 100 in size.

Related: Group, Deviant

Badge /baj/. noun;
  • a small icon that is displayed on a deviant’s profile in the upper-right hand corner.
  • icons that are given during special events, contests, and for fun on deviantART.

Related: Llama Badge, Contest, Profile

Ban /ban/. noun;
  • issued in the event that a deviant breaks the terms of service or other policies on deviantART.

Related: Deactivation, Username, Terms of Service, COPPA

Beta Tester /bey-tuh tes-ter/. noun;
  • The Official deviantART Beta Tester program is a team whose membership is available to Premium Members. OBT is a group of people who have chosen to beta test new features before they have been released to the general public and help deviantART track down any problems that exist with the pre-released content.

Related: Alpha Tester

Block /blawk/. noun;
  • a function, accessed through the settings page, that allows deviants to keep specific users from contacting them or watching them, usually to prevent abuse.
  • a function, accessed through "Manage Members" in the group admin area, that allows groups to keep abusive deviants from interacting with the group.

Related: Hide

Blog /blawg/. noun;
  • a literary submission created by a group that is used to inform members and watchers.

Related: Journal

Bolt Award /bolt uh-wawrd/. noun;
  • an award given to deviantART paid staff who go above and beyond the norm of quality service and community excellence.

Related: None

Channel /chan-l/. noun;
  • similar to television channels, they provide a deviant with the different categories of deviantART and are viewable at the bottom of the front page. The default setting is to view the Daily Deviations.

Related: Daily Deviation

Club /cluhb/. noun;
  • a deviantART account that was used to host collaborative events and show appreciation for something before the groups platform was introduced.

Related: Group

Comment /kah-ment/ noun;
  • a public statement, observation, or idea left on deviantART such as on a deviant’s profile, gallery, or artwork.
  • verb; to leave a statement, observation, or idea on deviantART.

Related: Profile, Add Media

Commissions /kuh-mish-uhn/. verb;
  • a system that allows every artist to offer their artistic services for hire by publishing a Commission listing within the community. Using the Points currency system, deviantART members can request Commission work directly from the artist. Artists who accept the Commission communicate directly with the purchaser to finalize the work and send the Commission once complete.

Related: Commissions Portal, Commission Widget

Commissions Portal [i.e. Commissions Shop] /kuh-mish-uhns por-tuhl/. noun;
  • current Commissions listings are advertised and sold within the dedicated Commissions shop on deviantART. The shop helps to increase exposure of the artists’ offerings while simultaneously providing a variety of filters to help clients find the perfect artist for their project.

Related: Commissions, Commission Widget

Commission Widget /kuh-mish-uhn wi-jit/. noun;
  • located on a deviant’s profile, this widget allows one to sell commissions on deviantART.

Related: Commissions, Commissions Portal, Profile

Community Relations /kuh-myoo-ni-tee ri-ley-shuhns/. noun;
  • a department that exists to encourage, facilitate and develop the relationship with the deviantART community. Members of the CR team nurture the community by encouraging and stimulating artists to create, collaborate, and participate in a friendly, safe, and supportive artistic environment.

Related: CV [Community Volunteer], CR [Community Relations]

Community Volunteer /kuh-myoo-ni-tee vol-uhn-teer/. noun;  
  • each of the Community Volunteers provides the community with a specific contact point in relation to galleries, chat and forums.

Related: CV

Contributor /kuhn-trib-yuh-ter/. noun;
  • a deviant that helps administrate a group. The deviant gains access to the Admin Area and has the group featured on their page.

Related: Admin Area, Group

COPPA [Children's Online Privacy Protection Act] /koh-pah/. noun, acronym;
  • prohibits any child under the age of 13 from opening, maintaining, or otherwise using a deviantART account. This restriction stands even when parental permission is granted.

Related: Ban

Copyright Policy /kop-ee-rahyt pol-uh-see/. noun;  
  • a document that works to eliminate some of the confusion and counter many of the myths surrounding copyright and to present clearly the deviantART policies and practices with regard to copyright.
  • The availability of this document should not be construed as rendering legal or other professional advice, and this document is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you require legal advice, you should seek the services of a qualified attorney.

Related: Etiquette Policy, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy

CR [Community Relations] /see-arr/. noun, acronym;
  • Acronym for Community Relations.

Related: CV [Community Volunteer], Gallery, Deviant, GM [Gallery Moderator]

Critique /kri-teek/. noun;
  • a detailed evaluation of another deviant’s work. verb;
  • to review or analyze another deviant’s work.

Related: Comment

CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] /see-ess-ess/. noun, acronym;
  • an addition to HTML that allows customization of a deviant’s journal or blog.

Related: Journal, Blog

CV [Community Volunteer] /see-vee/. noun, acronym;
  • Acronym for Community Volunteer.

Related: CR [Community Relations], Gallery, Deviant, GM [Gallery Moderator]

dA [deviantART] /dee-ay/. noun, acronym;
  • acronym for deviantART.

Related: deviantART

Daily Deviation /dey-lee dee-vee-ey-shuhn/. noun;
  • a feature, selected by Community Volunteers or Staff Members, from the galleries here on deviantART.

Related: Deviation, Gallery, DD

dAmn [deviantART Messaging Network] /dam/. noun, acronym;
  • deviantART’s chat network.

Related: dAmnIt, Community Volunteer

dAmnIt /dam-it/. noun;
  • a collection of quotes from the chats.

Related: dAmn

DD [Daily Deviation] /dee-dee/. noun, acronym;
  • a feature, selected by Community Volunteers or Staff Members, from the galleries here on deviantART.

Related: Community Volunteer

Deactivation /dee-ak-tuh-veyt-shun/. verb;
  • a deviant may close their account through deactivation. This action removes all items from a deviants account and is irreversible.

Related: Ban

Devart /deev-ahrt/. noun;
  • acronym for deviantART.
  • a bot-run account made by deviantART staff; known for giving badges.
  • the main deviantART chat room.

Related: deviantART, dA [deviantART]

Deviant /dee-vee-unt/. noun;
  • synonymous with a deviantART user or user account.

Related: deviantART

deviantART /dee-vee-un’nt-ahrt/. noun;
  • the world's largest online art community.

Related: The entire dictionary

deviantGEAR /dee-vee-uhnt geer/. noun;
  • although no longer sold, deviantGEAR and deviantWEAR are synonymous terms that refer to items that the deviantART Shop used to sell including t-shirts, backpacks, and other items.

Related: deviantWEAR

deviantMEET /dee-vee-un-nt-MEET/. noun;
  • a meeting organized by deviants or Staff Members to meet other deviants.

Related: Deviant

deviantWEAR /dee-vee-uhnt wair/. noun;
  • although no longer sold, deviantGEAR and deviantWEAR are synonymous terms that refer to items that the deviantART Shop used to sell including t-shirts, backpacks, and other items.

Related: deviantGEAR

Deviation /dee-vee-ey-shuhn/. noun;
  • 1. synonymous with submission. It is merely a nickname used to describe a particular piece of art that has been submitted to deviantART.

Related: DD, Gallery,

Deviousness Award /dee-vee-us-nes uh-wawrd/. noun;
  • an accolade which is traditionally handed out on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

Related: None

Emote /ee-moht/. noun;
  • an icon that expresses emotion activated either through Add Media section or through a series of keystrokes such as :)

Related: Add Media, Emoticon

Emoticon /ee-moh-ti-kon/. noun;
  • an icon that expresses emotion activated either through Add Media section or through a series of keystrokes such as :)

Related: Add Media, Emote

Etiquette Policy /et-i-ket pol-uh-see/. noun;
  • a document that explains the general rules that will be enforced evenly and without bias in every situation which is brought to the attention of the administration regardless of the membership status of the user in question.

Related: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Copyright Policy

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