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Undiscovered Weekly: Anime and Manga

Mon Aug 18, 2014, 3:30 AM

Welcome to Undisvovered Weekly for Anime and Manga. Undiscovered Weekly is commited to spotlighing exceptional artists who have low page views, and/or few watchers, and have been a deviant for three years or less.


Found an undiscovered talent in Anime and Manga?
Feel free to note cinyu.

i n t e r v i e w e d
Rinnemi | 12-o-clock


cinyu: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
Hello! My name is Rinnemi Don't want to show a photo on how I look or some other private things  but I can tell you my age which is 21 as of this year.
As far as interests go, I like anime, manga, video games listening to music and drawing.
The last one was kinda obvious I guess, I like making doodles, character designing, illustrating and all kinds of other things.
Just your regular nerd that has nothing better to do with his talents.
Oh and I also like to try out food that I never tasted before, except for the repulsive looking ones.

cinyu: What software do you use for your art? How do you create your art?
I use a wacom intuos 4 as a tablet for digital art and use paint tool sai as my main painting program, I also have photoshop but I only use it for small detail changes at the very end.

What I do before starting doing an illustration is having an idea of what I want to draw.
Des it have lots of background? Is it focused on the character? What about the perspective? What kind kind of feelings is this drawing supposed to give? And all kinds of other things.

After I have a clear idea on what I want to do, I start doing some sketching on a layer with a thick brush tool in grey or blue, if it's supposed to have a background I have to pay more attention to the horizontal line and the vanishing point, since these are fundamental to draw out the right perspective.

In the next step I start a new layer for the character, I don't do lineart, I just draw a black silhouette and start to paint over it and make small changes to the light and shadow as I go, It's just that one layer, no other layer is needed unless I need to do some adjustments.

After finishing the character I begin with the background.
When drawing a background you have to keep in mind that in an open background, the farther away an object is the more it loses it's vibrant colors, it becomes clearer.
So in order to create that kind of effect, I stack multiple layers, and decrease the opacity in each layer depending on how far away the image in the layer is from the character.
After that, I just start painting over each layer at a time just like how I do it on my character.
It may be hard to understand but maybe my sppedpaint video on my original character amy be easier to understand.

Once I'm finished with that, sometimes I need to open it on photoshop to make some color adjustments or just some kind of special tool or brush from it.

After all that I reopen it on say, create a new layer put it on luminosity and create some pretty light effects, usually on the face, skin, background and some other stuff depending on the drawing.

And that's how I usually do it.
Everybody has his own way I guess.

cinyu: What is the most difficult part when you make a drawing?
I'd say it's when I try out something new, if not that then it's the hand, sometimes I just don't fell satisfied about itìs positioning or gesture and I have redo it all over again, otherwise it's the background, I just don't think that I'm proficient at backgrounds unlike some people say that I am...not yet atleast.

Summer Girl on balcony by RinnemiOriginal Character by RinnemiWhite Forlorn Reaper by Rinnemi

cinyu: What helps you impove the most?
I'd say practicing in general is the most efficient way, but otherwise, I looking at other peoples amazing drawings and watch some speedpaint and tutorials helps a lot.

cinyu: Who and what inspires you the most?
Any person that has amazing drawing skills inspires me to do better than I am today, but If I had to choose than I guess it's huke.
He is the reason I started making black blobs instead of the usual lineart and multiple layers of colors, at first I thought it was crazy but once I improved my drawing skills and tried it out myself, I noticed how much easier and less time consuming it was, and ever since then I drew blobs of black silhouettes instead of making lineart layers.


cinyu: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
Hello 0//u//0) you can just call me 12. Ahh, I like to draw obviously, but I also like to write stories too. I'm a gamer too, but I'm living out of it now since I'm going to be a college student soon. I'm into a lot of art related stuffs such as playing the guitar, piano, and singing too. I like to listen to some of the vocaloid's musical.

cinyu: What software do you use for your art? How do you create your art?
The software that I use are pain tool sai/ photoshops. Usually when I draw I do a very rough sketch of how I want it to look like, then I'll just trace over it. Then I color it (I don't have any particular coloring style right now, I'm still kind of in the process of finding it) then if I want too Ill just edit the picture with photoshops, although to don't use it much.

cinyu: What is the most difficult part when you make a drawing?
Haha, the most difficult part is having to think what to draw. Sometimes I just sit there and stare at the blank page for a while. The perspective is kind of frustrating too including the hand.

A worrier by 12-o-clockAfter The Rain by 12-o-clockdid it with love by 12-o-clock

cinyu: What helps you impove the most?
What help me improve is by looking at artist works, and observe what are the step that they do. (I watch speed paint on youtube) but the important one is by just spending a lot of hour drawing. Sometime I stayed up till 3am just to practice because I wanted to improved more.

cinyu: Who and what inspires you the most?
There is a lot of people that inspire me a lot, but one of my favorite is daenarys. Usually the music help motivate me when I draw. But one of the thing that  inspire me the most was seeing some artist old drawing comparing to their new ones, because I am hoping I can improve a lot more too as times passes by. I am pretty much looking forward to it too, so that's another thing that kept me drawing. :)

sleepless by 12-o-clock
Spirited Away by 12-o-clockThe Lost One by 12-o-clock

Information for this feature has been collected and presented by cinyu

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Assumption of Mary

Fri Aug 15, 2014, 3:00 AM

According to the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, and parts of Anglicanism, was the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary into Heaven at the end of her earthly life.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches as dogma that the Virgin Mary "having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory." This doctrine was dogmatically defined by Pope Pius XII on November 1, 1950, in the Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus by exercising papal infallibility. While the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church believe in the Dormition of the Theotokos, which is the same as the Assumption, the alleged physical death of Mary has not been dogmatically defined.


In Munificentissimus Deus Pope Pius XII pointed to the Book of Genesis (3:15) as scriptural support for the dogma in terms of Mary's victory over sin and death as also reflected in 1 Corinthians 15:54: "then shall come to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory".

In the churches that observe it, the Assumption is a major feast day, commonly celebrated on August 15. In many countries the feast is also marked as a Holy Day of Obligation.

Red Alley by PaSt1978 Mary by Lillungallad

Source: Wikipedia

Monday Munchies [18]

Mon Aug 11, 2014, 9:00 AM by TimberClipse:icontimberclipse:


Every Monday, I will be featuring a single deviant's artwork. The deviant may be known or unknown, and may have received accolades or joined deviantART last week. By featuring just a single deviant, I hope to give the deviant some exposure and bring a little beauty to your week. I also include a short description about the artist and/or what draws me to their work. 


V-day by Krissi001 Flappymote by Krissi001

Krissi001 is one of the most talented emoticonists on deviantART. Her work is original, enjoyable, and simply incredible! We see these wonderful scenes created in pixel format! 

Panda by Krissi001 Help by Krissi001

Krissi001 was recognized with the deviousness award in early 2013 for her efforts in the emoticon community. Her efforts have been not only shown within her own artwork, but within the community as well. 
An extremely well known and much loved deviant, `Krissi001 is best known for her efforts at making emoticons become a key part to everyone's deviantART experience. Always showing a huge amount of community spirit, `Krissi001 has been instrumental in making #TheEmoteAwards into a fantastic initiative. It's with much OMG! I can't contain my excitement! and a great big Love that we bestow the Deviousness Award for February 2013 to `Krissi001. Congratulations!

Moonlight On Snow by Krissi001 Space Between Us by Krissi001

One of my favorite parts about Krissi001's emoticons are how they use the limited space that is available to these pixel-pieces. They always take advantage of every part of the square, circle or other shape that is used!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 
11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 

Project Vision Art

Improve your ability to connect with your audience and sell your product with an online PRODUCT VIDEO from Project Vision Art.


The Visual Narrative Project began in 2013 when more than 100 scripts from seven different countries were submitted to the project. One script was chosen to be fully produced.

Community Groups

:iconfella: :icondeviant365: :iconhq: :iconcommunityrelations:

Did You Know - Message Center

Mon Aug 11, 2014, 8:42 AM

Message Center

The message center(short MC) is your communication area for the deviantART world. Here you will be informed about the deviants and groups you watch, but also get notified about any interaction on your own account or deviations, such as new watchers, comments, critiques, faves and other things.

The navigation bar at the top already gives you an idea of how many and what kind of messages you can expect in your message center. It can be seen from all pages within deviantART (except
The way it is displayed depends on whether you have the "Splinter Menu" or the "Unsplinter Menu". In my example it is the last.

11 08 2014 01 by ginkgografix

By clicking on View All Messages or the overall count you will be forwarded to the overview page of your MC. If you click on a specific sub-menu, it will direct you to that area within your MC.


Your MC looks like this and while the content will always be different, the menu at the left and top will always be the same.
11 08 2014 02 by ginkgografix

The order of your messages has the same like the menu. If there is no content for a certain section available, it will not be shown. You also have a counter that specifies how many messages there are for each section.

Via the menu you can decide if you want only certain messages to show, or if you want to go for all again.
Therefore you just need to click on the single sections and all other non-relevant messages will disappear. They are not deleted though.

11 08 2014 03 by ginkgografix
(Here I decided that I just want to see the journals.)

The section headlines will help you to figure out what kind of messages will be displayed where. For most it should be self-explanatory though.
Some more information about that can be found in FAQ 1 (see at the end of the article).

11 08 2014 04 by ginkgografix

Display Settings
For each section you also have little icons at the right side, next to the section title. These icons give you the possibility of adjusting the MC in a way that works best for you.

Sometimes you have a combination of icons available sometimes you can just change the order of the deviations. It always depends on the messages of a section.
If an icon is highlighted in red it means that this option is currently active.

11 08 2014 05a by ginkgografix - Deviations are sorted by either newest or oldest first.

11 08 2014 05b by ginkgografix - Red means Stacks are enabled. If grey, they are disabled.

11 08 2014 05c by ginkgografix - Here you can choose between a List or a Grid with thumbs.

11 08 2014 05d by ginkgografix - Here you can choose between a List or (short) Previews.

11 08 2014 05e by ginkgografix - Here you can choose between a List or Full View.

11 08 2014 05f by ginkgografix - Here you can choose between a List, (short) Previews or Full View.


All groups you are a founder, co-founder, moderator or contributor of will be displayed here. While group messages don't show up in the overview of your MC, the specific messages will appear once you click on a groups name.

11 08 2014 13 by ginkgografix


Within the folder section you have the chance to save messages, without having to fear that they get lost after you have reached the messages limit or when you  have replied to comments.

11 08 2014 07 by ginkgografix 11 08 2014 08 by ginkgografix
There is one "Devious Folder" you can start with right away, but you can also add your own custom ones.

11 08 2014 09 by ginkgografix
You are not able to rename your folders, so be careful with your names and if you want to keep the folders for a longer time.

Via drag & drop you can move around your messages and add them to the desired folder. If your MC is very long, because of all the messages, fear not, because the Folders will magically appear, once you start to move messages, at the top.

11 08 2014 10 by ginkgografix

The moved messages will no longer appear on the MC overview or the sub sections now and can only be found in the folder you moved them to.
While these messages can be moved from one folder to another, you can't move them back to the MC.

11 08 2014 11 by ginkgografix

You also have the chance to move messages with the buttons below each section. Therefore highlight the messages and then choose a folder they should go to.

11 08 2014 12 by ginkgografix


The birthday section will show all birthdays that will happen within the next 7 days. Only deviants who have their birthday displayed for the public will appear here. It is also limited to the deviants you watch only.

11 08 2014 06 by ginkgografix

Via the drop down menu right under a deviants name, you could give them a little gift(Points, Premium Membership or Llama/Cake badge) directly. From there you could also get to the Wishlist of that deviant, if available.

This section can not be modified by you.

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FAQ #432: Where will my Groups activity go in my Message Centre?

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Undiscovered Weekly: Literature

Tue Aug 5, 2014, 10:38 AM

Welcome to the Literature Edition of Undiscovered Weekly

In  case you're not familiar with it yet, Undiscovered  Weekly is a series of articles aimed at putting a spotlight on  some otherwise unknown talent across dA's various galleries.

Who's Featured in This Article?

:iconissapiie: :iconwrittenedge: :iconalphamanifest:

A Little Bit About issapiie

issapiie is still a young writer, but had the guidance of her mother reading to her to introduce her to the wonderful world of writing.  She also plays piano.  Her work ranges from simple poetry to abstract prose and everything in between.  When asked what inspires her, she replied, "I'm inspired a lot by the things happening around me. That angry woman on the bus? She can become a roaring dragon. The dripping tap? A mysterious cave beneath a waterfall. The wind outside my window? The icy breath of an ancient warlord. What I see can be changed and reality can be altered into fantasy."  There really isn't a better answer to that question.

issapiie's Gallery Feature

nostalgia pagesi will still be turning pages the day i die.
rocking back and forth on a chair.
and a smile will light up my eyes.
they will shine as they scan the words.
just ink on a page.
but so much more.
because i never forgot them, not really.
and i will become young once more
as i sit on the chair.
just a girl and her book against the rest of the world.
they don’t understand
‘how can the worlds in those books
be more important to her than the one she lives in?’
they will ask.
and i will smile.
they know that i’m dying.
they pity the old woman
sitting on her chair
hunched over and frail
as she looks at words on a page
but where they lead one life, she lead many.
and though i close my eyes
i live on
in the light of the candle
in the way your vision blurs
and your heart quickens
as you frantically turn the pages
in the dead of night
just to finish that one chapter
and i will still be turning the pages the day i die.
the tale of the aithene tree Many years ago there was a young girl named Aithene.
She was a sweet girl, and talented with music. Every day, she would go to the river by her house and play beneath the willow trees.
The songs she played echoed through forest and glen, meadow and mountain, and soon came to the ears of the Tribesking many a mile away. 
Now, the Tribesking hadn't yet taken himself a wife to bear him children and heirs, but he soon fell in love with the sweet music he heard drift over the mountains.
He decided that whoever made the music he would marry on the spot.
So the Tribesking hiked across forest and glen, meadow and mountain, until he saw the girl sitting beneath the willow tree. She was as beautiful as the music she made, and as he laid eyes on her, he fell more and more in love until he decided that he would not rest until she was his.
But, as the Tribesking knew, humans can not be shown the secret ways of the forest. 
Every day, Aithene would sit by the river, and every day the Tribe
[dying star alive]the night is alive
and you my dear are the universe
experiencing itself
through windows.
we are all born 
at the heart of a dying star
a dying star now alive
within our very souls
we are all just little creatures
laughing and dancing
and falling in love
{beneath the moon
beneath the sky
beneath ourselves}

A Little Bit About WrittenEdge

A gamer, a singer and a writer all wrapped into one, WrittenEdge can thank her step-father for introducing her to writing.  She sticks with the fantasy genre and listens to instrumental music while writing.

WrittenEdge's Gallery Feature

IntentionsKnee deep in thought becomes head deep in regret, with no shallow end in sight.
Lost within a field of blossomed hate for what one has done.
    The heart on his sleeve thumps with emotion demanding to spill; a knot in his stomach has him groaning with pain from which he had created with two little words. Not simple words, but complex words, yet without intentional meaning. Even words you don't mean can mean the whole world to whom it is said to.
It is perfectly shown by her emotions that it meant everything to her.
It's over!”
    Her head rests against the palm of her hand as the same words repeat over and over again, exhaustion over-powering her. Her sobs slowly cease to silent tears, all hope drained from her pale face. Despite not being the one who said it, she only hears the shouts of her conscious telling her to pack her bag and leave; he doesn't need her anyway. Despite the demand, she still remains in the same spo
Winged Wayfarer  
   Gently she walks down the dirty stone path, with nothing protecting her feet at all from the loose pebbles.
With her hands at her side and her mail-carrying bag around her shoulders, she lets her sparrow-like wings spread out behind her.
Besides her travels for business reasons, she also wanders for the adventures; an escape from all of her troubles.
With every adventurer a story comes along with them, and she is no exception.
Trust me, she has many to tell.
She follows paths that aren't traveled on very often, loving the feeling she receives when she explores unseen living things.
She climbs mountains, no matter how dangerous the loose rocks can be; she thrives for the adrenaline it brings.
She soars through the sky using her wide-spread wings, the wind blowing her short auburn bob around ferociously;
a large smile stretches across her face from the birds accompanying her flight. 
Although she can be nice to others around her, she isn'
Dreams of the Past   They sit at the edge of the sewer grounds, their legs either crisscrossed or folded beneath them. Watching the dirty water flow, he listens intently to her words as she talks about her family, only able to hope that he would ever have a chance to meet them. If they somehow get off of the 'wanted' list, that is.
    "My dad, no matter how mentally gone he was, had always talked about his days as a soldier. He would give me tips on how to act and how to treat others, as if he already knew what I wanted to be." A smirk spreads across her lips as the memory replays itself in her mind.
    "I'm guessing that was before they've gone rogue?" He asks, finally looking up at her. Unfortunately, he had looked up in time to see her smile falter. She says nothing but nods, harshly swallowing as she tries to hide her tears. His eyebrows raise in worry, feeling like an idiot for making her sad. He hates nothing more than to make a girl cry.

A Little Bit About AlphaManifest

Never short for words, AlphaManifest completely immerses herself in her writing.  Whether it be the writing or just making sure all her research is done, she's a very thorough deviant.  A writer to the core, she appreciates the gift of writing that she's been given and will never give it up.  All of which can be seen in her writing.

AlphaManifest's Gallery Feature

Unprofane Roman |An intricate play upon words, the art of literature has yet to invoke a rival amongst its pages, being so ancient. With the amount that has been riddled and woven in olden spirit - rowdy behavior. He expressed his gallant beauty. The couplet of Literature and its audience; the vibration of the renaissance crowd. It bestowed a proud stage in performance, with a leather bonnet -- its gorgeous overtone of fuschia and brass. We are indeed much more than the quill is able to scratch amongst the wilted, unending, passages.
It is given, voice.
The advantage that's written amongst clavicle protrusions, stanzas and of consciousness murmured; its wet. With succulent kisses, the quill caressed, bathed, and aroused the great and its ora.
The words you've laced have exceeded to find the taboo of its invigorating, promiscuous, eloquence. You've sou
Faux |Evidently, this child is present in limbo and she is not. An illusion, she is the fabric of her father's sensibility, the relishing orchid of his empathy, his form of being an actuality, and his despair. Yet, she is an object. This postmortem reality has kept him and allowed him to cope, knowing that she will never wake from her slumber. So he watches the plain; the earth bound purgatory she has created amongst the grassy sheets in his imaginative space. A place where his character is his vision, his sight. However, there's something sinister amongst their affection.
Her mother is no longer a figure, or a parental force amongst them.
Mother is a haunting shadow. I feel there's a sense of murder and victim amongst the three of them. Something has diminished the virtuous and brought another entity into existence. Someone does not belong, and is tainted. For there is wine that was spilled; the cause. The claret speech of Father is an indefi
Assourdir|You are allowed many things, and simply everything.
You are allowed to be the God of grace, marry the goddess of Patience, and open the patent heart of them and the silenced people.
You are allowed to express, to share, and embody those cities--while alone in war.
In all, you've waited and became humble. Then yes, I enable you to speak...
© A.M.

My Final Feature

I've had the honour of working with some really wonderful admin at fella for almost two years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  This will be my last feature with the group.  I wish everyone on the team well and look forward to all the awesome I've come to expect from fella's Posse.

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