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dA Life #01: Sharing Your Art

Tue Sep 20, 2011, 9:34 AM by RockstarVanity:iconrockstarvanity:

Welcome to the first dA Life blog, a series created to help you enjoy your time on dA and use it's many tools for sharing your art, appreciating other people's art and taking part in the wonderful community that we have here.


Your gallery is the most obvious place to share your art but there's more to it than simply uploading.  Lets get started with putting your art in your gallery:

:bulletgreen: FAQ #79: How do I submit art?

If you want to categorise your art into easily browsable sections, you can add folders to your gallery. Here are some useful FAQs about how this can be done:

:bulletgreen: FAQ #762: What is the Gallery Folders Feature and how do I use it?
:bulletgreen: :faq858:
:bulletgreen: :faq863:
:bulletgreen: :faq868:

If you'd like to give your gallery folders an extra blast of your personal style, you can do this using CSS, as explained in this FAQ:

:bulletgreen: :faq671:


If you'd like to share your work with like-minded artists, find a broader audience for your work or simply seek feedback from others deviants, you can do this with dA's Groups feature. To browse Groups, check out Groups.

:bulletgreen: FAQ #418: What are Groups and how do I make one?
:bulletgreen: FAQ #419: Are Groups free?

Some more useful info can be found in these FAQs:

:bulletgreen: FAQ #422: How many groups can I join?
:bulletgreen: FAQ #403: How will others know that Iím part of a group? How do I know what groups I'm in?
:bulletgreen: FAQ #430: Can any member of the group submit deviations to the group's gallery?
:bulletgreen: FAQ #432: Where will my Groups activity go in my Message Centre?

If you'd like to take your Group activity one step further, you can be an administrator or a group or even make your own. Find out more here:

:bulletgreen: FAQ #421: How many groups can I make at one time?
:bulletgreen: FAQ #423: Why is there a limit on how many groups I can be an administrator of?


The awesome things in your gallery can also be promoted on your profile page. To find out how to customise your page, see this FAQ:

:bulletgreen: FAQ #90: How do I customize my profile page?


You can post thumbnails of your (or anyone else's) work in the dA forum, but remember to pay attention to the forum that you're submitting to as some are more appropriate for sharing your work than others. Check out:

:bulletgreen: DrawPLZ Share your DrawPlz drawings
:bulletgreen: Premium ThumbShare A forum for subscribers to share thumbnails of your deviations
:bulletgreen: Deviation ThumbShare A special forum dedicated to sharing thumbnails of your deviations


Another great way to share your work with other deviants is through chat, AKA dAmn (deviantART messaging network). For a list of all the active chat room, go here. Remember to check out the room descriptions and lurk a bit before firing straight in with your thumbnails.

:bulletgreen: FAQ #511: How do I post thumbnails of my art on the Chat Network or Forums?

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